Stitchings: Crochet basket

A while back H’s aunt gave me a bag full of left over yarn. One of the skeins was a pink thread, quite bulky. I immediately knew what I wanted to make with it, a crocheted basket I found on Pinterest. It is designed by Liz from Crochet in Colour, and the pattern is called Chunky Crocheted Basket. With a free pattern I was set to go, I just needed to do it.
So, now it’s a couple of months later, and I’ve picked up my 8 hook and the thread and hoped the yarn was enough (the pattern calls for three skeins, but it also works two threads at once). Luckily it was, and even though I picked the smaller of the two baskets from the pattern, it is plenty big. Now I just need to figure out what to use it for!


Stitchings: Key pouch

My new car came with keys in a boring black leather key pouch. Boring! So I made myself a nice floral fabric one, that can hold both the keys to my car and the rest of my keys. Inside are elastic bands with a clip I can clip the key-ring onto, so I can share my keys without sharing my pouch. Fabric is by Hema.


Stitchings: Phone cozy

Pretty soon I will get my new phone, and because the dimensions have changed, I needed a new phone cozy. I copied the style of my old cozy and of the iPad cozy I made a couple of months ago. I used fabric by Hema I got as a present for my birthday, and used fleece for the lining. I hope it will fit my new phone, because I love how it turned out! :-)


Stitching: A crochet ‘poef’ with t-shirt thread

Last thursday my friend S. and I took part in a crochet workshop where we made (or started to make) a ‘poef’/pillow with t-shirt thread (left-overs from the textile industry). We crocheted with a size 12 hook, in the round with dc’s. The back has a smart little flap that makes it possible to get the filling in and out easily and to make it cleanable (just pull out the filling and throw it in the wash. It took me about 6 hours to make, and was really easy to do. And addictive, I want to make more!

Stitching: A cover for my new iPad

I recently got the new iPad (3) and with a new iPad comes the search for new cases, covers and what not. I got myself an Apple Smart Cover (light blue), a sticker for the back (from DecalGirl), a plastic cover for the back, and all I still needed was a sleeve. I always see gorgeous sleeves on Etsy, in fact, I bought one there for my iPhone last year. But with my recent sewing adventures, I felt I had to be able to make one myself. So, on our recent trip to Japan I found some gorgeous fabric, from Moda Japan, in two colors. I also got all kinds of sizes of kits to make fabric covered buttons at the Daiso. Back in The Netherlands I got some fleece fabric (light blue/pink) for the lining, found a hair elastic in the right color blue, and got some lining fabric from my mom for the pocket. Online I found the pattern for a simple Kindle Fire sleeve that looked a lot like what I wanted to make, so I adjusted the sizing for the iPad. I took my iPad, traced it on a piece of cardboard and added an inch on each side as the seam allowance. I finally got everything together this week, so a couple of hours ago I started sewing.
I did everything really slow because I am a perfectionist, and I have planned this sleeve for such a long time, I wanted it to be better than what I had made before. And even though the measurements are a bit off (the sleeve is a bit too tall) and the sleeve is not as neat as those you get from Etsy, I am pretty proud of it.

Stitching: New design for my iPhone case

Because I always keep my iPhone in the pocket of my jeans, the purple hamster I stitched on my iPhone case last summer was looking more grayish than purple. Inspired by designs seen online, I bought some cheap embroidery floss in bright colors, and stitched away to make my phone bright and colorful again. I think I succeeded, check the case as it is now (actually, the colors are much brighter than this, but the lighting was bad):


Stitching: Zip purse from a ribbon

I’ll admit it, I am addicted to Pinterest. For those who don’t know this site, it is a virtual pinboard where you can pin pictures of stuff that interests you. I find the coolest craft stuff and the best interiors on there.

This weekend I made this ribbon zipper purse from a 50 cm/20 inch zipper and two ribbons. Most of it was hand-stitched because of the bends and angles, so it took me a while to finish it, and it isn’t as neat as I want it to be. I followed this pin to this tutorial, which was pretty clear.

Stitching: Another box bag

After the success of the first box bag, I couldn’t wait to make another one, to hold another knitting project. I found this fabric as a kitchen towel at our local grocery store. I bought some zippers and used the same lining as for the previous bag, and voila, bag #2.